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Merlin and Jewel

Hi, and welcome to my site.  As you'll see, I've combined a little of the past with a little bit of the present.  And although it maybe can't take a visible form, there is also hope for the future.   Bob Gordon said something to the effect that the generations of today make more mistakes than necessary, because they didn't pay enough attention to what has happened in the past.  There is something to be said for a balance of past, present and future.

I have had an interest in livestock for a long time.  I started in the 4-H Beef Club when I was six, bought my first sheep when I was nine years old, and got started with draft horses when I was 14.  Today, my interest in livestock improvement and the rural lifestyle continues to grow.

Merlin and Smoke

I’ve included a couple of links pages on this site.  Please take a look through them - I’ve tried to ensure that what I’ve included would be helpful or interesting (or both).

Please feel very free to contact me at any time for a visit. There isn’t much that I enjoy more than visiting about good livestock.  Thanks very much for stopping by - and please stop by again soon.

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